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Bienvenid@ a la web de los [=M-B=] si eres nuevo REGISTRATE y podras reclutarte para ingresar al clan..Si ya estas registrado LOGUEATE!!!!

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Recruting here

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Recruting here

Mensaje por Admin el Sáb Ago 07, 2010 11:32 pm

Here you have the recruiting form if you want to be part of our family copy of this form fill it out and send it down!

Your Game Name:
Servers where you:
Time you have been playing:
New name:
Accept the rules of the clan:

agree to play fair with us:
Because you want to join us:
a member of the clan spoke:
What is your country:

a brief explanation of this return;
* Name to play normally.
* Server host you frequent.
* For the last few games.
* Your current age.
* What you'll get with the name [= M-B =].
 * The rules are: No hackers, no team killers, not to insult other players, to observe the rules of the servers.
* If you break the rules and agree to stop playing with us under the rules.
* Why you want to be a [= M-B =] (be brief).
* Who will pass this page and get to be a [= MB =].
* What is your current country



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